Café Royal Lungo Forte is a slightly stronger version of a classic Lungo, created from dark-roasted beans. It has a gentle and pleasant body, very mild acidity and a sweet taste that is surprisingly full-bodied.

Café Royal's Lungo Forte is a good alternative to an Espresso if you want a strong coffee but in a slightly larger cup.

Lungo Forte is also UTZ certified, so you can be sure that you get a coffee that has been produced under proper conditions for both the environment and workers.

Here is a lovely quality coffee that can be enjoyed for any occasion and by even the humblest coffee drinker. As Cafe Royal likes to say, being royal is not a title but a lifestyle.

With this package you receive 50 Nespresso Pro® compatible capsules. That is more than enough capsules to offer an extra cup when you have guests in the house.

Café Royal is a premium brand from the Swiss coffee roastery Delica AG. The Delica AG Group was founded in 1954, and is today one of the largest coffee roasters in Switzerland.


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Lungo Forte - Café Royal

50 Capsules for Nespresso Pro®


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This is a very smooth coffee, i run 225ml of water with it, makes a great cup Read More