This is a true classic that has been a fixture at Starbucks since its launch in 1971. Lungo House Blend is a medium roasted 100% Arabica made from beans from South and Central America. The taste is powerful and is known for its mild sweetness, which is complemented by notes of nuts and cocoa.

If you are looking for a well-balanced, medium-dark coffee, you cannot go wrong with Lungo House Blend. It has a very low degree of acidity and no trace of bitterness. The body is, in our opinion, just as it should be, neither too strong nor too light, and the nut and cocoa notes make that coffee extremely delicate. It also comes with a natural sweetness, which means that you can combine it with milk and sugar to enhance the flavour.

Lungo House Blend has been a Starbucks evergreen ever since the first stores opened, and now with our Nespresso® pods you can get Starbucks at home. In other words, with this pod, you get a coffee experience of the same high quality that you know from the Starbucks stores, without having to leave home.

This Starbucks lungo for Nespresso® gets our warmest recommendations - and we hastily add that it is certainly not forbidden to drink more than one cup a day, so should you be tempted to take an extra cup, we fully understand this .




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Lungo House Blend

Starbucks by Nespresso® 10 pods


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Lovely coffee, everyone in the office enjoys the Starbucks Brand. Read More