With a water filtration jug, you can easily and quickly get water that tastes better, is healthier and protects your capsule machine. Unfiltered tap water is often very chalky, which not only affects the taste of the water but is also wearing on capsule machines.

A water filtration jug like this BRITA Marella is a good way to get around the problems you see with chalky water.
The BRITA Marella jug filters not only lime, but also other sediments such as sand and metals from the tap’s pipe system. With a water filtration jug you get water that is not only clearer and tastes better than water directly from the tap, but is also healthier for you and your whole family.

As a capsule machine owner, you will quickly discover that with filtered water you get a cleaner and better coffee taste. In addition to brewing a more delicate coffee, filtered water also helps the machine works better, and extends its life by not caking its internal components in limescale.

There are many gains to be made by filtering water, and Brita has made the process straightforward with the Marella jug. Simply insert the supplied MAXTRA + filter into the jug, where it is easily clicked into place. The water then flows through the MAXTRA + filter, where it is cleaned of lime and sediments using the MAXTRA + filter's Microflow technology.

The MAXTRA + filter's Microflow technology consists of three elements:

  1. A fine-mesh net which is used to catch larger sediments from water pipes
  2. ION beads which soak up lime and sediments in the water
  3. Carbon beads that remove chlorine and other substances that can affect aroma and taste.

Through the MAXTRA + filter's Microflow technology, the water is purified and filtered through thousands of microscopic pores, so you are always guaranteed clean, clear and fresh water as good as bottled spring water.

A MAXTRA + filter can typically filter 100 litres of water before it needs to be replaced, which corresponds to about 1 month of normal water consumption. The Marella jug has a built-in indicator in the jug lid which continuously counts down while the filter is being used, so you can easily keep track of the condition of the filter and know when it is time for it to be replaced.

The filtered water can be used to fill the capsule machine, in addition to being served from the jug for general drinking use.

This package comes with 6 BRITA MAXTRA + water filters with the jug, so you start with enough filters to last a long while.

The Marella jug is created by German Brita who has been a leader when it comes to filtering water since its inception in 1966. Today, the Brita group is represented across the globe, where its filters are sold to consumers and businesses in various designs, all of which have in common that they provide clean, refreshing and tasty water cleaned of sediments.






Brita Marella 2,4 L.

incl. 6 water filters


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I bought this product as I live in a very hard water area. I have noticed a reduction in the poor taste of my tap water - it's not perfect, but an improvement. The pack came with 6 filter cartridges so it is very good value. Excellent communication from kaffekapslen regarding delivery, and product arrived in perfect condition. Read More
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Extremely happy with my Brita Marella 2.4ltr water filter. Clear water making better tasting coffee and at a great price too. Read More
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There is no need to write too much here, the product is simply super good.
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I am very happy with this product. Our old Brita jug needed an upgrade and this new Marella product is just great. I really like the ergonomic handle and hinged lid that enable one-handed handling and filling. Read More
Amazing product and excellent price Read More
Purchased water filter online. User friendly website. Safe & secure payment. Regular updates on processing, dispatch & delivery date of order. Received order within eight days. Went online (YouTube) to view basic instructions for usage as manual hard to understand. When completed basic first two filter instructions and tasted water after third filter process the water tasted so different but good. The product is sturdy easy to use after first two filters. Only drawback instructions can be a bit tedious. Go to YouTube type in product name and plenty of help awaits. Read More
This is a great product. Easy to use and a viable and more cost effective option to bottled water. I'd have no hesitation in recommending this product to anyone. Read More
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Great value! We have an Aluna filter jug from which we boil our kettle - the lid has to be removed every time and the jug put into the sink, it is a faff! So we've been keeping an eye out and this, coupled with 6 individual filters from Kaffekapslen was the best value. Having two jugs now means there is a better chance of finding a jug with water in it and being able to fill from the top without removing the lid saves time. The only negative compared to the Aluna is that you have to wait for the unfiltered water to clear the top of the jug as it will come out the top if you tip it too far, compared to the Aluna which is sealed. Read More
Everything was in order - product was packaged well and arrived in good quality. Although the delivery took some time to arrive, the communication with the Kaffeekapslen team was excellent. They didn't leave me wondering and worrying about what's happening with my order and were prompt to message me on every stage of the delivery. Overall pleased with the customer service. Read More
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Great prices and products, will definitely purchase again. Love my new water filter jug, great bonus of added filters. Saves money on buying as much bottled water now. Read More
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