One of the most popular blends from Zoégas.

This coffee bean blend demonstrates the passion and craft Zoégas pour into their coffee. Their passion for dark roasted coffee since 1886 can be felt and appreciated in each cup of the Mollbergs blend. 

The Arabica beans used in this blend are grown at high altitude in Kenya and Latin America, offering a very specific flavour profile to the experience. Additionally, the beans come from Rainforest Alliance certified plantations. You can thus enjoy your coffee with a good conscience. 

Dark roasted and low in acidity, you’ll find the fruity taste of blackcurrant when you sip on a cup of this coffee. To best taste each flavour nuance, we recommend that you grind the beans just before brewing and that you store the beans in an airtight container. Preserving the aroma will allow you the best experience during your coffee moment. 

Experience the perfect blending and roasting of this Swedish favourite by getting your bag of 450g of coffee beans from Kaffekapslen today.


Roasted coffee beans


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Rainforest alliance, Arabica


Strong (7/10)

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Zoegas Mollbergs

450 g. coffee beans

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