Here you get a delicious and untraditional coffee drink from Italian Dolce Vita.

This variant has Dolce Vita christened Nocciolino, as a reflection of its hazelnut roots.

Here you get a coffee drink that in its shape and style is reminiscent of a Latte, but which has been supplemented with a generous dose of hazelnuts.

The result is an exciting and different taste experience, where you get a Latte that comes with a rich nutty taste. Here is therefore a drink that, although it has all the creamy characteristics of a Latte, instead in the original way replaces the classic Latte's dominant coffee undertones with a fresh taste of hazelnuts.

It is therefore a combination that is perfect for those moments where you want a coffee experience, but perhaps want to save a little on the caffeine - or as an alternative and milder coffee for the youngest, who are not quite ready for a full coffee yet.

Dolce Vita Nocciolino is brewed perfectly in your Dolce Gusto® machine. We recommend using 3-4 bars on your Dolce Gusto machine.

This product contains coffee and sugar.

Contains milk/milk powder.

This product has no affilitation with nor is it produced by or recognised by Nestlé®.


Sugar, skimmed MILK powder, glucose syrup, fully hydrogenated vegetable fats (coconut), instant coffee (4%), low-fat cocoa powder (3%), stabilizers (E340, E452), MILK proteins, salt, flavorings, LACTOSE (MILK), anti-caking agent (E341), emulsifier (E471).


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Hazelnut - Dolce Vita

16 pods for Dolce Gusto


Reviews (19)

For me that loves everything with hazelnut, it's just amazing! Read More
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A cloud in a cup - Bliss!
This is the ultimate coffee experience, when mixed with a flat white.
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Flavour from, start to finish.
Add to a Flat White for the ultimate flavoured coffee experience!
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With the hazelnut Dolce Vita, I purchase the plain milk pods and mix them together in a cup, for me that's the perfect cup. Read More
This one is so good. Just need to order more next time.
It even mixed well with kaffesplan Flat White (1+1) for a larger coffee. 🙂
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The best flavor that there is! Read More
Amazing tasting coffee. Quick delivery and good price. Read More
Wow, it's delicious Read More
Nice and sweet. It may be too sweet for some,but I like it. New packaging -the pods have name on them so you don't need to guess what's inside. Read More
Does not make much coffee as per recommendations, but the drink is very nice. Read More
Tastes grate Read More
Sweet and tasty, kind of like drinking Nutella with less cocoa. Really nice! Read More
Way too much sugar. It is extremely sweet and the sugar inside is way much higher than anything else I have ever tried. . Read More
Too sweet and taste and smell is like Hot Chocolate Read More