Gevalia has graced Scandinavian coffee tables for decades. It is a brand famous across the region for its slogan, 'What coffee do you want to offer unexpected guests?”

Gevalia is now also available for Tassimo, so you can brew yourself a nice cup of Gevalia coffee for yourself or your guests.

Here you get the well-known and highly esteemed Gevalia Original, which has supplied Scandinavian households for decades. Gevalia Original is a reliable classic created with a blend of South and Central American Arabica beans, resulting in a well-balanced coffee, rich in flavour and with a slightly sour aftertaste.

It is brewed easily and quickly in your Tassimo, where the machine uses smart barcode technology to recognise the pod, and apply the perfect temperature, time and amount of water to make an optimal cup.

We deliver this Nordic classic in 16 T-Discs that fit perfectly with your Tassimo machine.

From their base in Gävle, Sweden, Gevalia has been supplying households with coffee since 1853. Gevalia has now expanded from Sweden to become one of the largest coffee brands in Northern Europe, with a special focus on Denmark, Sweden and the Baltic countries.


Ristet og malet kaffe


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Regular Cup


Medium (6/10)

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Gevalia Original

16 pods for Tassimo


Reviews (18)

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Lovely coffee,nice taste,nice aroma. Quick delivery. Highly recommended. Read More
Lovely coffee, nice taste, nice aroma Read More
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