Dallmayr is one of Germany's most popular coffee brands, which with this variant has created a premium blend on highland Arabica beans, primarily from Ethiopia.

Dallmayr's popularity is not coincidental, because the special Dallmayr roasting method gives the coffee an unmistakable taste and delivers an aromatic taste experience to the delight of all coffee connoisseurs.

Since 1964, the Dallmayr Prodomo has been a familiar sight on German coffee tables, where it has been especially appreciated as a popular filter coffee. Now you can also get it for your Dolce Gusto®, where you have an idea of how the coffee has been ground in expert manners, so that it best reflects its filter coffee origin, with a degree of grinding adjusted accordingly by being a little coarser than what you see in an Espresso blend .

The result is a medium-roasted coffee with mild acidity and chocolate notes, which is completed by a pleasant aftertaste with minimal bitterness

Here is a coffee which is well suited for breakfast thanks to its soft and round body, and which has a somewhat milder taste profile than what you often see in a pod coffee, but which nevertheless still serves a coffee with a rich and aromatic body.

So if you like coffee - and perhaps especially filter coffee, we are sure that this variant will suit you.

The Dallmayr Group is headquartered in Munich, and has a history dating back to the 18th century. Dallmayr is one of Germany's best-known coffee brands, but in addition to coffee, the group is also known for tea and food, with a special focus on the delicacy segment.


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Nescafé Dallmayr Prodomo

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