Optimal cleaning of your Siemens EQ. machine.

With Siemens EQ Series Cleaning Tablets, coatings such as oils, bacteria and other impurities are efficiently removed from even the most inaccessible parts of your machine. This cleaning extends the life of your machine and ensures that you get a better taste experience.

Cleaning tablets clean the machine's internal components, such as the brewing head. A descaler removes limescale from the machine's pipe systems.

These cleaning tablets are specially developed for the EQ series automatic cleaning program known as Calc'n Clean. The cleaning program will give you an alert when it's about time for cleaning. All you have to do is simply put the cleaning tablet in the machine's special container, start the machine's self-cleaning program and follow the instructions.

For further information, consult the machine manual.

The machine will clean itself, and reward you by brewing first class drinks.

To get the full benefit of the cleaning, we recommend using these cleaning tablets along with a regular descaling. This can be done either through a water filter installed in the machine or by using a descaling tablet.






Siemens Cleaning Tablets TZ80001B

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