Black Coffee Roasters Ristretto Honduras is the ideal pod for a high-quality intense coffee experience.

The Ristretto pods contain 100% Arabica beans from South America, making a coffee with an 11 out of 13 intensity on the Nespresso scale. The term Ristretto refers to a “short shot” and therefore these pods make a 25 ml bold and complex coffee with exquisite notes of almond, chocolate and elegant spices.

The Danish company Black Coffee Roasters are passionate coffee fanatics with a focus on supreme taste and quality. They produce Fairtrade organic coffee and take extra time to select, roast and treat their coffee beans the right way.

Be our own barista at home: Black Coffee Roasters Ristretto Honduras pods are quick and easy to use. Simply take a pod, insert it into your Nespresso machine, hit the button and your quality coffee will be ready in no time. Each pack contains 10 aluminium pods of Ristretto Honduras coffee.

The Black Coffee Roasters Ristretto Honduras pods are compatible with all Nespresso® machines.

These capsules/pods are not affiliated with nor produced, approved or endorsed by Nestlé®.


Number of pods


Number of cups



Black Coffee Roasters



Tasting notes

Almonds, Chocolate, Spices


Aluminium, Organic

Cup size



Very strong (10/10)

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Ristretto Honduras - Black Coffee Roasters

10 pods for Nespresso®


Reviews (1)

What truly sets this coffee apart for me is its ability to deliver a bold and intense flavor in every sip. As a devoted aficionado of a double espresso/ristretto, I crave that robust kick mid-morning and sometimes to revitalise my afternoons. And this ristretto blend delivers just that, and then some!

The flavor profile is a symphony of notes. It's a complex yet harmonious blend that tantalises the taste buds with each sip, leaving behind a lingering satisfaction that's hard to beat.

But it's not just about the flavor; it's about the entire experience. The smooth texture, the lingering aroma, and the perfect crema that adorns every shot—these are the little details that make each cup feel like a luxurious indulgence.
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