One of L’OR’s strongest coffees is now available in a box of 40 aluminium pods compatible with your Nespresso® machine.

You’ll be able to stock up with your favourite pick-me-up. L’OR’s ristretto is a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans put together by the L’OR specialists. Their experience is recognisable in this coffee: Each pod offers a complex and intense ristretto with strong flavour and delicate acidity. 

With every sip you’ll discover new depths of flavour that include notes of ginger and cardamom.  
Thanks to your Nespresso® machine, it’s so easy to enjoy a quality coffee in no time. Simply insert the ristretto pod, select the size, and in less than 60 seconds you’ll have a small but powerful coffee.

Perfect at any time of day, this ristretto will surely offer everything you need in a coffee: flavour, intensity, and a boost of energy. And, thanks to the box of 40 pods, you’ll have enough stock to survive until your next coffee order.

These capsules/pods are not affiliated with nor produced, approved or endorsed by Nestlé®.


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Spices, Acidic Robusta, Dark roasted beans, Aromatic Arabica



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Very strong (10/10)

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L'OR Ristretto

40 pods for Nespresso®


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