With regular use of your Saeco, coffee residues, fats and oils are formed in the brewing head of your Saeco machine. These residues can eventually affect the taste of the coffee and cause malfunctions if they are not addressed in time.

We therefore recommend that you clean the brew head monthly, so you are always assured of a machine that works optimally. Because it can often be difficult to access the machine's brewing head for efficient cleaning, it may be a good idea to use a cleaning tablet instead.

With this package you get 6 cleaning tablets specially developed for Saeco machines, which are enough to last half a year.

To clean the brew head, simply put a cleaning tablet in the ground coffee container. Then you put a dish under the coffee spout, after which you start the program for ground coffee.
Once the program is executed, run the machine's cleaning program.

If your machine does not brew ground coffee, wash the brew head filter with a soft sponge in warm water in which a cleaning tablet has been dissolved. Let the filter absorb the detergent for 15 minutes, and then rinse the filter with ordinary water under the tap.

You can also consult the instructions on the package, as well as your machine's manual for further information.

Once completed your Saeco will be ready to brew your next cup of coffee to perfection again.






Saeco Coffee Oil Remover CA6704/10

6 Doses for Espresso Machines


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