Gran Caffé Garibaldi Selezione 1860 is a 100% Arabica coffee with a soft and round flavour, with notes of chocolate and dried fruit.

The coffee is medium-roasted, so is at the milder end of the intensity scale, but still full-bodied enough to taste the coffee. In addition, Garibaldi has used beans from a rarely used region in the world of coffee, Papua New Guinea. This blend produces a unique chocolatey aftertaste.

The coffee is delicious black and has such a mild and soft body that you can take it without milk and sugar.

We deliver this aromatic coffee from Garibaldi in packs of 10 pods that fit perfectly in your Nespresso® machine.

Gran Caffé Garibaldi is a brand from Italian coffee roastery Gimoka. The company is one of Italy's leading coffee producers with exports to over 50 countries. At Gimoka, high quality has always been paramount. Gimoka controls the entire value chain from the coffee’s harvesting, roasting and grinding to its final packaging in pods.

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Ristet og malet kaffe


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Selezione 1860 - Garibaldi

10 pods for Nespresso®


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Excellent coffee ! Read More
I bought many different pods and enjoyed the different intensities and flavours.The Garibaldi was my least favourite.It was really lacking in flavour, bland and insipid whereas most of my other orders I would be happy to repeat. Read More
The coffee is very nice and tasty Read More