Senseo pads can stay fresh 2-3 weeks after opening a bag, but beyond that they slowly start to fade in taste when exposed to light and air over a longer period of time.

However, this problem can be easily circumvented if you put the pdas in a light and airtight storage box like this one. The pads can be stored easily and neatly, as well as being shielded from light and air, so the aroma and flavour can be preserved.

But in addition to extending the pads' shelf life, you also get the benefit of the box being both decorative and always providing easy and convenient access to the pads.

The pad holder comes with a distinctive Senseo logo, so there's no mistaking what it's storing. It measures approximately 15 cm in height, and has a capacity to store around 20 normal-sized pads.

In other words, this is a practical and stylish home to store your Senseo pads.








Senseo Storage Box

1 box for Senseo

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