With this variety, you get an XL sized, rich everyday coffee. The pods brew a cup that can fill a mug of 200 ml.

The coffee is created with Arabica and Robusta beans (mainly Robusta), which has resulted in a strong coffee at the higher end of the strength scale with an extra high caffeine content.

Here you get a coffee with a strong and herbal body, accompanied by sour tones and a spicy aftertaste which, coupled to its high caffeine content, is always ready to give you a boost whenever you need it.

In other words, with this variety you get a powerful coffee suitable for daily use, easily brewed in an XL cup. It is a coffee that is ideal for those who like to enjoy their coffee in a more spicy and sour version, but also want a cup that will invigorate.

We deliver this aromatic cup at an attractive price, in 20 pods that fit perfectly with your Senseo machine.


Number of pods


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Cup size

Large Cup


Strong (8/10)

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Strong XL - Everyday Coffee

20 pods for Senseo


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Very happy. Coffee and price is good. Great service. Read More