With Supremo you get an Espresso blend from Italian Gimoka. This does not mean that the beans can only be used for Espresso, but instead reflects the roasting process the beans have undergone.

Italian coffee is usually centred around Espresso, where the beans are roasted a little longer and at higher temperatures than for other types of coffee. This results in a coffee with slightly burnt and darker tones, where the natural oils from the beans are more apparent.

In this blend you get a coffee created according to Italian roasting traditions, meaning a coffee that is at the higher end of the scale in terms of strength, compared to what you typically experience with a medium roasted variant. The taste notes are almond, chocolate and caramel, and the body is soft and creamy.

With the ground beans, you get a coffee that is not only suitable for Espresso, but which can also be used in filter coffee machines, French presses or pour overs.

For best results, we recommend that you grind the beans just before using them.

Gimoka is an Italian coffee producer that can trace its history back to the early 1980s. From its base in Andalo Valtellino, Lombardy, Gimoka is among Italy's leading coffee roasters with exports to over 50 countries.


Roasted coffee beans


Amount (g.)




Tasting notes

Cocoa, Spices

Cup size

Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo, Regular Cup, Large Cup


Strong (7/10)

Best before


Gimoka Supremo

1000 g. coffee beans


Reviews (16)

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Love this coffee from first experience. Is not to bitter lovely foam in americano on the top. Read More
Very very nice
I would recommend
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Just very average coffee. Read More
Goid coffee Read More
Very underrated coffee. This is a very nice bean coffee to be honest ,for that everyday coffee that does not overwhelm you but simply serve as a pleasant cuppa through out the day Read More
Very good coffee and tasty .Very good price . Delivery was very fast, five days in Ireland !!! Read More
I’m a big coffee lover. This coffee is excellent. I use it for my lattes and it’s perfect taste. Not bitter like some coffees are. Read More
My favourite coffee. Also my customers loved it too. Read More
Really nice coffee, it's as good if not better than the more expensive ones. I add warm milk with the coffee & it's pure heaven. Read More
Very good coffee indeed, Great product,service, will purchase again Read More
Lovely coffee beans, great value & excellent service. Read More
Very good coffee I'm very happy with that service. See you soon. Read More

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