Compact and user-friendly pod machine for both kitchen and office

Whether you are into coffee, tea or chocolate, Tassimo Style always brews a cup that hits the spot. Tassimo Style recognises your pods through the smart and patented Intellibrew technology, so it knows exactly what temperature, time, pressure and amount of water to apply to each pod in order to brew a perfect cup of coffee.

You simply put a Tassimo pod in the machine, press the button and in less than a minute the machine does the rest and brews you a perfect cup.

Tassimo Style also supports as many as 70 different Tassimo varieties from a large number of well-known manufacturers such as Jacobs, LOR, Gevalia and many more, so you can freely choose pods with all kinds of coffee types, from regular coffee to café classics such as Lungo, Espresso, Cappucino etc.

Tassimo Style is compact in size, which means that it will easily fit in most places, whether it is in the kitchen or in the home office. The water tank's capacity of 0.7 litres is also enough to cover a regular consumption for most people, so you wont have to be going constantly back and forth, refilling it.

Maintenance is easy and efficient, because descaling also takes place using IntelliBrew. Tassimo Style tells you when it's time to descale - and with the help of a Service T-Disc, the machine then runs a cleaning program itself. The only thing you have to take care of is getting descaler for the machine, which we can of course supply you with, here at Kaffekapslen.

Tassimo Style, like some others, is a good beginner model if you are new to pod machines. You don’t have to worry about complex settings for brewing for things like the perfect Espresso or Cappucino, because with the help of Intellibrew technology, the machine ensures that all the parameters of the drink are adjusted correctly, and all you have to do is simply press a button. The large selection of Tassimo pods also means that you can really explore the coffee universe and constantly try new varieties in the search for new favourites.

If you are new to pod machines this is a really great introduction to the coffee experiences a modern machine can provide.

Product details

• Compact design
• User-friendly - a cup is brewed easily and quickly at the touch of a button
• Intellibrew technology automatically ensures pod-adapted brewing
• Supports over 70 varieties in different cup sizes
• Automated cleaning
• Adjustable cup holder
• Dimensions: 265 x 171 x 320 mm (Height / Width / Length)
• Can brew both cold and hot drinks
• Energy class A
• Standby mode
• 2 years guarantee

When you buy this machine, you get a free adapter








Tassimo Style T11 (black)

T11 Pod Machine


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