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Discover the Tassimo universe thanks to our Tassimo Starter Pack!

We have put together a bundle of 7 delicious drinks to brew with your Tassimo machine.

Having a Tassimo machine opens you to a world of coffees, teas, and hot chocolates. It can be overwhelming to decide what to try. Kaffekapslen has made it easier for you by putting this bundle together.

We’ve chosen some of our customer favourites we think you’ll also enjoy. With your Tassimo machine, it’s never been easier to enjoy a quality coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. The machine brews the pod according to the information in the barcode.

Discover these 7 drinks specially chosen for you. Maybe you’ll find a new coffee you never thought you’d try!

If you are new to Tassimo or if you want to try new drinks with your favourite machine, then this Tassimo Starter Pack is for you.




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Tassimo Starter pack

109 pods

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