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David Rio Chai Tea

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Tiger Spice Chai from David Rio
Elephant Vanilla Chai Instant Tea from David Rio. 398 gram
Flamingo Vanilla Chai Instant Tea from David Rio. 398 gram
Orca Spice Chai Instant Tea from David Rio. 398 gram
Tiger Spice Chai Instant Tea from David Rio. 398 gram
Orca Spice Chai from David Rio
Power Chai Matcha Instant Tea from David Rio. 398 gram

Who is David Rio?

David Rio Chai Tea is a 20 year old company created by David and Rio, allying traditions from the East to the modernity and style of the West. Originally, the brand was created for the Japanese market (Rio’s native country), but the demand from the American market was so strong they could no longer ignore it.

Why David Rio’s chai?

The quality of the ingredients is the source of the amazing flavours and quality of the David Rio Chais. All the spices are organic and fresh. The creams used and without milk and without GMOs, which sets them apart from their competition. All the ingredients are free from hydrogenated oils, fatty acids, and gluten. They are also kosher-certified. These means these chai powders are used in baking and other delicacies.

David Rio and their love of animals

Have you noticed that all the products are named after endangered animals? Elephant vanilla chai, tiger spice chai, green turtle chai, orca chai, and flamingo chai to name a few. The reason behind this is the love for animals David and Rio have, which is also reflected in the support they bring to the organisations working to protect animals all over the world. Their support goes to “fund for tigers and elephants” as well as the “international fund for animal welfare” (IFAW), to which David Rio donates each year. They also support the “Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA” since 2002. Since 1999, David Rio has worked with “Cat Tales Zoological Park” in Mead, Washington, where they have adopted a tiger named Atlas.

Be creative

David Rio chai teas are not only hot teas, but can also be served iced during the summer, mixed with alcohol, or used for cooking. If you want to be creative, you can enhance your drink with iced cubes, or add fruits and make a smoothie. The possibilities are endless. You can also warm-up by adding spiced rum to the tiger spice chai. Or, instead of drinking a traditional White Russian, how about a chai White Russian? Or add some chai to melted chocolate for a new flavour experience. And maybe to top off some ice cream?

The health benefits of chai

Here are some reasons why can’t say not to a cup of David Rio chai:

  • Chai spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger play an important role in preventing cancer.
  • Additionally, the antioxidants contained in tea can strengthen your immune system and help you stay away from colds.
  • If you feel bloated, chai spices help with digestion.
  • And finally, chai spices stimulate energy production so that you don’t need an artificial energy replacement found in other drinks.