Golden, multi-dimensional and invigorating

With its spicy flavours of turmeric, cinnamon and ginger, this tea sends your senses on a journey towards the distant skies of the East.

Golden turmeric spice has been considered sacred in India for over 5000 years, treasured for the power of its warm and sharp taste, similar to that of chili.

Here you get the characteristic taste of turmeric combined with mild chai ingredients like cardamom and cinnamon to alleviate the intensity of the turmeric on your palate. The result is a warm and spicy tea which leaves a memorable impression.

This is a tea that is perfect for those who appreciate a strong tea that warms the body.

This tea is best enjoyed when mixed with milk and sugar. It can also be enjoyed as Golden Milk, where instead of water, it is brewed exclusively with milk and added honey.

Brewed with water it is recommended that the tea steep for 7-9 minutes. Brewed with milk it should be left to settle for 5 minutes.

Yogi Tea was founded in 1984 in Oregon, USA, but can trace its history back to 1969, when Yogi Bhajan, from which the company takes its name, made an Ayurveda tea blend, which he served to his Yoga students. Today, Yogi Tea offers various types of tea, such as herbal, green, and black, as well as various tea blends, with a special focus on health and organically grown tea.



turmeric root, cinnamon, liquorice, ginger, cardamom, black pepper, apple, fennel, mace, cocoa shells, cloves


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Yogi Tea Turmeric Chai

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