Making a pot of coffee in the morning truly wakes up the senses: the smell of the brewing coffee, that first sip once you’ve poured it in your favourite mug, the warm feeling that takes over while you’re getting ready for the day. How about adding a little extra something to your coffee?

Here is a vanilla flavoured coffee from Kaffekapslen that is available ground so you can just make the pot as soon as you wake up. No need to weigh and grind the beans.

The sweetness of the vanilla is a perfect addition to this Arabica coffee. You’ll be able to discover a new way to enjoy filter coffee. Not only is it delicious black, but it’s just as decadent when you add milk and maybe a little sugar.

Allow yourself something different and order this vanilla flavoured ground coffee. Each pack contains 250g of coffee so you can try different brewing methods or find the right balance of coffee and milk for you.


Amount (g.)





Aromatic Arabica, Sweetness, Vanilla




Medium (5/10)

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Vanilla Coffee - Kaffekapslen

250 g. ground coffee


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