Treat yourself to a new and exciting coffee experience. Senseo Vanilla is a balanced and lightly roasted coffee, with the delicious addition of vanilla. This creates a sweet and delicate cup of coffee, with an extra fresh and aromatic zest of vanilla.

Vanilla and coffee are a wonderful combination. Vanilla has been used throughout coffee's entire history to bring some extra character to a cup of coffee. Vanilla is an ideal accompaniment to coffee, elevating the experience with both its aroma and flavour.

Vanilla is especially valued for giving coffee an extra round taste, not only sweetening but also adding pleasantly spicy notes.

Senseo has embraced this proud coffee tradition with this delicate variety, where the addition of vanilla is a welcome boost to the coffee's flavour, and not 'just' a sweetener.

This package contains 32 coffee pods in normal cup size. Your Senseo brews them perfectly and, as always, we deliver this product lightning fast and right to your doorstep.


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Senseo Vanilla

32 pods for Senseo


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It’s great, perfect flavour! Read More
pretty good innit Read More
very nice, soft coffee with a subtle vanilla taste. No fake flavouring, helps you enjoy coffee without any milk or sugar.
The coffee isn't very strong so if you're looking for a wake-me up pod, maybe choose another one. I like this one in the afternoon or late morning.
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