When Starbucks came on the scene in the early 1970s, coffee was made less boring, and a whole world opened its eyes to the fact that too little coffee variety, there were other options than just adding milk and sugar.

This unique Starbucks Macchiato is a prime example of this. Here you get a Macchiato created on a base of Starbucks classic Blonde Espresso, added with a sweet, round and airy milk, which together with the aromatic Madagascar vanilla creates a coffee in perfect harmony.

If you have not tried a Vanilla Macchiato before, we can only encourage you to try it. For change delights, and here you get a variant that once again proves that Starbucks always makes coffee experiences something very special.

We deliver this tasteful Macchiato right to your doorstep in a package of 12 pods, which brews it perfectly in your Dolce Gusto®

Founded in 1971 in Seattle, USA, Starbucks is today the world's largest coffee chain, with over 30,000 locations worldwide. Over the years, Starbucks has built up a unique expertise in coffee production, and is known as the inventor of the modern 'To go' coffee.


White pod: Whole MILK powder (70,7%), sugar (29%), natural aroma (vanilla) (0,24%). May contain SOYA. Brown pod: roast and ground coffee.


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Dolce Gusto

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Starbucks Vanilla Macchiato Madagascar

12 pods for Dolce Gusto


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