Lindt White Vanilla

100 g. Chocolate

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In stock

Lindt has developed a white chocolate to which is added Madagascar vanilla.

With this variant you get a chocolate that is especially known for its vanilla flavour and creamy texture.

White chocolate is sweeter than dark chocolate, has a creamier consistency, and is known to have a milk-like taste. Lindt has underlined these natural flavours by adding Madagascar vanilla to the chocolate.

White chocolate may not be the most popular type of chocolate, and taste for chocolate is of course subjective, but when a chocolate master like Lindt prepares it, it is something interesting and new and definitely worth a try. And who knows, maybe it will be your new favourite chocolate!

Change is good, and if you have not tried a white chocolate before, or haven’t tried one in a long time, we can definitely recommend giving this one a try. Here you are guaranteed a distinguished representative of white chocolate, created with Lindt’s renowned quality.

The Swiss Lindt has provided the world with delicious chocolate since 1845. Lindt is known for their delicious chocolate truffles with a creamy filling, their golden Easter bunnies, and last but not least their Lindt Excellence chocolate bars with their variety of flavours.





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