Are you looking for balance in your life? Here’s a good way to start.

Thanks to Yogi Tea’s Feel Pure tea blend you can enjoy a relaxing moment with every cup. We know how difficult it can be to have some time to yourself. With this tea, you’ll enjoy your own company even more as you lean back, relax, and enjoy a quiet moment.

Yogi Tea carefully selects the ingredients for each tea for the best, most delicious results. Feel Pure tea includes liquorice root, ginger, and dandelion, as well as other quality ingredients. The result is a tea that smells and tastes amazing.

Allow yourself a moment of rest with this box of 17 tea bags.


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Yogi Tea

Tasting notes

Cinnamon, Liquorice

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Yogi Tea Feel Pure

17 tea bags


Reviews (1)

This tea has a delightful taste with a hint of natural sweetness—definitely not sugary. It makes me feel calm and well, and is particularly gentle on sensitive digestion. Read More

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