Discover Yogi Tea thanks to the Finest Selection box.

The high-quality ingredients used by Yogi Tea creates delicious blends of teas for you to enjoy. With the many options available, it can be hard to choose what to try next. That is why, to help make it easier, Yogi Tea has a box containing 8 of their finest, organic teas. You get two tea bags of each kind so you can share with someone else or have two cups just to make sure you found your favourite.

It’s also the ideal box for when guests come over and everyone has different tastes. Easy to prepare, fabulous scents, and a delicious sip every time, this Finest Selection box comes with our highest recommendations for all tea lovers and those who are discovering everything tea can do.


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Yogi Tea

Tasting notes

Ginger, Green tea, Liquorice, Lemon

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Regular Cup

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Yogi Tea Finest Selection

16 tea bags

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