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Lavazza Caffé Crema Gustoso is a full-bodied coffee made from medium-roast Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. The coffee is intense, but nevertheless has a pleasant mild acidity and bitterness.

The beans originate from South America, Africa and South Asia, each of which has contributed to the taste with the characteristic flavours of their region. The South American beans have contributed with nut notes, the African beans with berry notes, and the Asian beans with spice notes. All of these have been perfectly combined into one, resulting in a full-bodied coffee with a taste of fruit, nuts and spices.

Here you get an Italian coffee at its best - a distinct character and a taste full of juice and power.

Whether you use the coffee for an espresso machine, filter coffee, or a stamp pot, always remember to use freshly ground coffee beans for the optimal taste experience.

Lavazza is one of Italy's classic coffee brands that can trace its origins back to 1895. Lavazza pioneered the technique of blending coffee from different regions, and is today managed by 4 generations of the Lavazza family from its headquarters in Turin, where its products are exported all over the world as one of the world's largest coffee companies.


Roasted coffee beans


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Fruit, Spices, Nuts




Very strong (9/10)

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Lavazza Caffé Crema Gustoso

1000 g. coffee beans


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