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St Remio Strong package and capsule for Caffitaly
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Gimoka Hot Chocolate for Caffitaly
Löfbergs High Mountain package and capsule for Caffitaly
Caffitaly St Remio Bio Robust
Caffitaly St Remio Bio Aromatic
Gimoka Espresso Cremoso package and pod for Caffitaly
Caffitaly St Remio Bio Espresso
Gimoka Espresso Intenso package and pod for Caffitaly
Löfbergs Cumbia package and capsule for Caffitaly
St Remio Classic package and capsule for Caffitaly
Gimoka Espresso Deciso package and capsule for Caffitaly
Gimoka Vellutato package and capsule for Caffitaly
St Remio Intense package and capsule for Caffitaly
Löfbergs Contessa package and capsule for Caffitaly

Caffitaly Pods

With Pods for Caffitaly you can make many different kinds of coffee, tea and cocoa. The Pods are very innovative and leave nothing to chance. In the Pods you will find two filters that are designed to intensify the aroma of the coffee. Tucked between the filters are 8 grams of finely ground flavourful coffee. The Pods are tightly sealed to retain the fantastic coffee aroma.

The coffee is made by drawing water from the water tank into the machine and heating it. After it has reached the optimum temperature, the water runs through the Pod. Running through the Pod, the water takes with it all the taste and coffee aroma. This process delivers you the perfect cup of hot coffee.

Your Caffitaly machine can make the perfect espresso and other drinks. It makes the coffee you want by adjustments of the water pressure. For example, it takes a 15 bar pressure to make a tasty espresso. 15 bar pressure is necessary to produce coffee that is strong and intense in flavour. Due to the pressure used in its preparation the espresso emerges with a thin and creamy foam layer on top. The pressure is lower for the preparation of other hot drinks on your machine - such as a regular coffee.

In addition to coffee, a Caffitaly machine is also excellent at brewing a nice hot cup of cocoa or tea. This means you can still offer something delicious from your Pod machine to visitors who don’t drink coffee.

If you want a convenient way to add milk to your coffee you can get milk Pods for your machine. The milk Pods give your coffee an extra creamy texture and make the coffee milder in taste.

No matter what drinks you make with your Caffitaly Pod machine, it takes a very short time to make them.


Caffitaly was created in 2004 by a group of entrepreneurs who shared a great passion for coffee. Their unique system was created after conducting extensive research to develop the optimum technology. It was here that the internationally patented coffee Pod system Caffitaly was created.

The company Caffitaly is committed to producing high quality products. It is constantly working to improve its machines to provide you with the best possible results. The high quality of its products has led to many different awards. With Caffitaly you are guaranteed a high quality coffee machine that makes high quality coffee.

Caffitaly is for the coffee lover who wants the opportunity to make real Italian coffees such as espresso, caffe latte or cappuccino.

Taste of Caffitaly

With your Caffitaly machine you can prepare exactly the cup of coffee you desire. You can make a powerful coffee that invigorates and gives you energy. Likewise, you can brew a coffee that can be enjoyed in the evening, before bed. Organic coffee is also available.

We offer both regular coffee and Rainforest Alliance or Fairtrade certified coffee. There are plenty of options for finding the coffee that suits you best.

Using your coffee Pod machine to make tea Caffitaly offers have a wide selection of teas to choose from. You can find both tea with a delicious fresh taste, and tea packed full of strength. Caffitaly also offers delicious cocoa Pods for your machine.

Caffitaly Machine

If you still do not have a Caffitaly Machine, but would like one, you can choose from many different designs and a variety of colours. Choosing the design and colour to fit your personal style will not be a problem.

In addition to different designs, the machines also have different specifications that make them completely unique. You can choose the machine that meets all your requirements. For example, if you often drink your coffee with milk then you can choose a machine that comes with a milk frother or steamer. With a milk steamer you control how hot and creamy the milk in your coffee will be. The milk frother is automatic. For the eager amateur barista the milk steamer is the obvious choice. For those who don’t care to be so hands on, and prefer fast and automatic service, the milk frother is the best choice.

If you have difficulty remembering the milk when shopping, you can also get Pods with milk. You can throw these in before or after you have prepared your coffee on the machine.

In addition to a milk steamer or frother, you can also get Pod machines with an automatic shut-off function. Then you never have to worry if you forgot to turn off the machine before you left home. The automatic shut-off function is also good for your wallet because you save money on electricity.

The biggest advantage of the Pod machine is that in a few seconds you can brew a nice cup of coffee. If you only need a single or two cups of coffee in the morning, you save a lot of waiting time. In addition your machine quickly recreates an Italian atmosphere in the home.

Everything for your Caffitaly Pod machine

With a Pod machine life automatically becomes much easier. It does not take long to get a freshly brewed coffee from your machine. The Pod machine is especially convenient for those who drink more than one cup a day because it always guarantees a hot and aroma-filled cup.

To make life even easier, you can get other smart solutions for coffee in everyday life. For example,we provide a descaling solution which quickly and easily removes limescale from inside the machine, thus ensuring it always performs at its best. Descaling the machine is important for its maintenance. We recommend that the machine be descaled every one or two months, depending on how much limescale is in the water. Limescale can clog the pipes in the machine, stopping the proper amount of water being added to your coffee. If you want coffee with the optimal amount of water, you must make sure that your Pod machine is descaled.

In addition to descaling you can also find other smart solutions for your Pods. We have a Pod holder made of steel or tin for. The Pod holder makes it easy for you to keep track of which Pods you have in stock. It also makes it easier to find the Pod you want.

Make your everyday coffee drinking life easy and straightforward with a Caffitaly Pod machine and accessories.