For those looking for coffee beans perfect for a lungo coffee but with more intensity, Café Royal has developed a blend of Arabica beans from Honduras named Honduras Crema Intense. The strength is stronger than the Honduras Crema, and the acidity is just as delicate.

The stronger intensity offers notes of dark chocolate, malt, and chestnuts which makes the coffee perfect for drinking black or with the addition of sugar and milk if that is what you prefer.

Café Royal’s Honduras beans are sustainably sourced and are Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified, so you can enjoy your coffee’s flavour while having a good conscience.

Get your Honduras Crema Intense beans in a 1kg bag so you can enjoy high quality coffee for longer!

We recommend grinding the beans just before use to get the best results.



Amount (g.)



Café Royal

Tasting notes

chestnut, Dark Chocolate




Strong (8/10)

Best before


Crema Intenso Honduras - Café Royal

1000 g. coffee beans


Reviews (1)

Very disappointed 😔
Little flavour and none of the notes listed in the brew. Tried it in the bean to cup machine and with manual grind. It was not full or rich and certainly not matching the price at all.
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