The Kaffekapslen descaling tablets are perfectly suitable for all coffee machines. We recommend that you descale your coffee maker every two months, although this can vary depending on the water hardness in your area. This ensures that your machine brews at the correct temperature and your coffee always tastes wonderful.

The 6 tablets are enough for 3 descaling treatments. The Kaffekapslen descaling tablets are mixed with the water in the tank, however you should follow the descaling instructions of your machine. By descaling your machine regularly, you extend the life span of your coffee machine.

The Kaffekapslen descaling tablets work in the back parts of your machine, removing limescale from the internal components.






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Descaling tablets Kaffekapslen

3 doses for espresso machines


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Did a great job. Coffee machine operates much better after descaling with these tab. Read More
These are the best descaling tablets. Works for my kettle and of course my coffee machine. Recommends highly. Read More
The tablets are great just cleaned my coffee machine and kettle, works fast , very happy with delivery and price Read More