Decaf Espresso - Compostable

10 pods for Nespresso®


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In stock

Real coffee joy, without sleepless nights

If your coffee thirst strikes late in the day, our decaffeinated Espresso is just the thing.

For here we have created a decaffeinated Espresso on a blend of Arabica (80%) and Robusta (20%) beans, which has resulted in a well-balanced coffee with a mild body. It is therefore both by virtue of its mild taste and its absence of caffeine suitable for those moments late in the day, where even if you want to enjoy a cup of coffee, you want to avoid the effects of caffeine.

But even if it is mild and without caffeine, you are still guaranteed a coffee that tastes of coffee. For the caffeine has been slowly and gently reduced over several iterations during roasting, in order to preserve the natural aroma of the coffee as best as possible.

Here you therefore get an Espresso with a taste that you recognize, but without having to worry about having your night's sleep spoiled.

We have packed it in a compostable pod, which you can safely throw out with the house waste (or on the compost), because it is created in a natural material, which decomposes itself after about 12 weeks.

We deliver this aromatic decaffeinated Espresso in 10 environmentally friendly pods that fit perfectly with your Nespresso® machine.

This product has no affilitation with nor is it produced by or recognised by Nespresso®.



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Acidic Robusta, Mildy roasted beans, Aromatic Arabica, Sweetness


Rainforest alliance, Decaffeinated, Biodegradable, Arabica/Robusta

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Medium (5/10)

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So disappointing. We were thrilled to find compostabe coffee capsules that were allegedly compatible with our machine. In actuality they get stuck and as you realign them they fall apart. Added to that we didn't like the flavour as black coffee although passable with hot milk.

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