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Indian Summer is Nordic Roast's signature Chai.

With a Chai tea like this, you get an aromatic black tea that's been blended up with spices like cinnamon, cardamom and ginger, which together create a tea with a veritable firework of flavours. A tea that, with its spicy origins, not surprisingly comes from the motherland of all spices, India.

Here is Nordic Roast's take on the classic Indian tea. Nordic Roast has created a classic Chai tea, but with more spices and milk, and less sugar, than most other Chai blends.

So if you're new to Chai tea and have the courage to experience a real Chai tea, we highly recommend starting with this one. Because here you get a Chai tea with juice of power that tastes exactly as you would expect a Chai should. Which is to say, a hot and intense tea that comes with an explosion of spicy flavors that leaves a warm and pleasant aftertaste in your mouth.

It's easily prepared by mixing 3-4 teaspoons of Indian Summer Chai powder with 200ml of warm milk, which you can spruce up with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Easy, quick - and authentically tasty.

Enjoy it yourself, or introduce your guests to a new and exciting tea experience.

We deliver this exciting and aromatic Chai tea in an elegant tin with 398g of powder, which is enough to brew about 15 cups of Chai.

Nordic Roast is a Danish premium Chai company based in Copenhagen. Nordic Roast is dedicated to providing premium Chai latte products as a quality strong alternative to coffee or tea, created on high quality ingredients, great taste and a stylish design where eastern and western traditions are united in one.




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