Effective and simple descaling for all coffee machines.

Descaling one’s kitchen appliances, such as coffee capsule machines and kettles, is something that should be part of any coffee machine owner’s routine. With regular descaling you can be sure to have a coffee machine that is always running smoothly.

Regular descaling helps maintain and prolong your appliance’s longevity as well as better your coffee’s flavour.

Here at Kaffekapslen we recommend descaling your machine once a month. This ensures the machine will brew your coffee at the correct temperature without your electricity bill going up, as well as ensuring your machine is in optimal condition to brew the perfect cup of coffee for you.

Caffenu descaling includes a bottle of liquid descaling product which is mixed in with water in your machine’s water tank. Instructions and formula for the mixture are on the bottle, but a rule of thumb is that you should use about half of the bottle, and that the water tank should be half full during each descaling.

The machine then runs the descaling programme (consult your machine’s descaling instructions in the manual for more information relating specifically to your machine).

Remember to rinse your machine through with water after descaling.

The mixture contains a disinfection product that removes bacteria and other impurities from the machine.

Caffenu’s descaling product is free from phosphates and with thus not leave stains or change your beverages’ taste.

The bottle contains enough for two descaling processes and can also be used to descale your kettle.






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