Can't cope another moment without a cup of coffee or a piece of chocolate? Enjoy them both at once with a Mocha!

Kenco Mocha is Kenco's version of the classic Italian café Mochaccino. A Mochaccino is a frothy Espresso in the style of a Cappuccino, which has been supplemented with generous amounts of chocolate.

Here is a drink that you usually only enjoy in cafes, but which you can now easily brew at home in your Tassimo. This is a cup with a mild body and low caffeine content, but still rich in flavour. It is a drink that is especially good in the afternoon or evening, for a quiet moment treating yourself.

You brew it easily and quickly with these 8 capsules that fit perfectly with your Tassimo.

Kenco is a British coffee brand which has supplied the British and Irish markets with quality coffee since 1923. Kenco was originally known as the Kenya Coffee Company, but has used the Kenco brand since 1962 due to increasing use of coffee from other regions. Kenco is today part of the Dutch Jacobs Douwe Egberts group.


Sugar (40%), skimmed MILK powder (20%), whole MILK powder, low fat cocoa powder (8.5%), instant coffee (6.5%), glucose syrup, sweet WHEY powder (from MILK), fully hydrogenated coconut oil, salt, MILK protein, stabiliser (e340), anti-caking agent (e551), emulsifiers (e471, e433, SOYA lecithin).


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Kenco Mocha

8 Pods for Tassimo


Reviews (11)

I have to tell that this is so far, the best Mocha I have ever had. Not too sweet, just perfect.
Delivery was super fast! I really recommend!
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Definitely my daughter’s favourite ❤️ I like them all 🥰 Read More
This is our family's favourite 5 more boxes on the way yum Read More
I've tried more than 10 different kinds, but this is the best one I've ever had! Absolutely love it! Read More
I like this coffee, chocolate flavour. Thank you Read More
Mocha my favourite out of the tassimos which I find extremely hard to get in the shops. Kaffekapslen were fast and efficient and ill will buy again in the future Read More
I love it, very tasty. Read More
Simply delicious so chocolatey. Very happy Read More
A little too sweet for my liking, perhaps to do with it being an all in one pod, rather than separate milk and espresso pods. Read More
Loved this mocha. Really chocolatey. Read More
I was delighted to purchase the Mocha, it is the perfect blend & will definitely be buying more. Read More