A true emblem of Autumn, pumpkin is a favourite in seasonal drinks. Yogi Tea makes no exception with this pumpkin chai that combines pumpkin with traditional spices to provide you with warm tea for cosy Autumn days.

This tea is perfect for cuddling up in a fuzzy blanket on a chilly day and sipping for a relaxing moment alone or with friends. The delicious pumpkin is combined with ginger and orange peel as well as cinnamon, anis, and other delicious chai spices.

As you know from Yogi Tea, their ingredients are organic and good for the body and soul. Each tea bag comes with an inspirational quote to get you in a meditative mindset while enjoying your pumpkin chai.

This tea is best enjoyed brewed with boiling water and steeped for around 8 minutes. This lets all the spiced nuances truly bloom. This tea is delicious as-is or with added milk.

Perfect for the Autumn months, this box of Yogi Tea comes with 17 tea bags for you to share or keep for yourself.


Pumpkin (18%), liquorice, cinnamon, carrot (12%), ginger (10%), cardamom, fennel, anise (5%), beetroot, roasted chicory, black pepper, cloves, vanilla beans, orange peel (1%), orange oil (1%), vanilla extract, nutmeg.


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Yogi Tea Pumpkin Chai

17 tea bags


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Reviews (3)

My favourite tea ever!! The smell is so autumnal as taste! Highly recommended 🌞 Read More
A lovely autumnal tea. My children love it too. Good flavour. A little more of the orange flavour and it would be perfect. Read More
My favorite tea on Winter time. Read More

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