Discover the essence of coffee with Qualità Oro Gran Riserva from Lavazza. This blend brings together 100% Arabica beans with Lavazza’s renowned quality. What sets it apart? It's barrel-aged in whiskey barrels for a unique twist. Perfect for those who love their coffee black, it works splendidly with any coffee machine you own. With a medium strength and light roast, each cup offers a delightful balance, enhanced by subtle notes of fruit. Treat yourself to a high-quality coffee experience without the fuss. Ideal for discerning palettes, yet accessible for all. Choose Qualità Oro Gran Riserva—your daily brew, elevated.


Roasted coffee beans


Amount (g.)





Medium (6/10)

Best before


Lavazza Qualita Oro Gran Riserva

1000 g. coffee beans


Reviews (6)

Very strong flavour - nice in very small quantities - but not something I could take in any volume - after a vain attempt, I ended up mixing this in with my regular blend to cut the flavour to a level that worked. Read More
Def not a morning/general coffee. Distinct whiskey aroma and taste. Not for me at all. Read More
Unique taste. It's smooth but the whisky barrel gives it a taste you'll either like or not. Not for me Read More
Really nice taste.
Very rich .
Read More
Really good coffee for an Americano Read More
Full taste, not bitter Read More