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Discover Senseo and find your new favourites.

At KaffeKapslen, we have a wide range of products for Senseo, so we understand if it can be difficult to choose exactly the variant that suits you. Of course, it's always possible to read the various product descriptions and reviews, but the surest way to find just the type of coffee that suits you is, of course, to try it out for yourself.

That's why we've put together a pack of 7 of our most popular Senseo variants, so you can easily explore and find just your favourite or favourites.

You get a bag of each, so there's plenty of opportunity to try out - and there's also enough here to buy a friend a cup, or if there's more of you deciding what to buy in the future.


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Starter pack for Senseo®

160 pods + Senseo cup & bag clip

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