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White Vanilla chocolate from Lindt
Dark chili chocolate from Lindt
Quality Street 900g chocolate from Nestlé
Intense Mint chocolate from Lindt
Sea Salt chocolate from Lindt
70% Cocoa chocolate from Lindt
Caramel chocolate from Lindt
Nesquik Cocoa Drink Powder
Intense Orange chocolate from Lindt
90% Cocoa chocolate from Lindt
Caramel topping from Schwartau
chocolate topping from schwartau

For sweet tooths

We at Kaffekapslen are mostly focussed on coffee, but recognise something a little sweet with coffee can be nice too. And don’t kids also deserve a treat when the adults are allowed to indulge themselves in wonderful coffee? We have gathered a wide range of delicious products so that you can offer your guests something extra when they visit. Our range consists of a nice selection of real quality chocolate which even adults can appreciate. We also have classics that most children and children at heart will recognise - e.g. chocolate bars that you can easily pack in pack lunches, or have tucked away in the glove compartment for when hunger strikes.

Cookies for cosy moments

Do you have a craving for something sweet during the day? Many of us can get a little hungry between meals. If you need something sweet for your coffee, you can always find a fine selection of cookies at Kaffekapslen. After completing the day's many chores it is nice to have a treat in store. Denmark's traditions for cookies go back several centuries, and today Danish cookies are known all over the world. Danish cookies are often made with good ingredients such as butter and vanilla that are so loved by sweet tooths.

Is dark chocolate healthy?

Dark chocolate with a high cocoa content is actually good for you in some ways. Cocoa contains fibre, many healthy minerals and flavonoid which has a proven positive effect on health. For example, it can help with problems of blood pressure and cholesterol.

All we chocolate lovers are of course convinced that chocolate is good for the soul. It is not only beneficial to physical well-being, but also has a demonstrably positive effect on the psyche. Dark chocolate affects the release of endorphins and serotonin in the brain. Both substances help against stress and give a feeling of well-being.

For chocolate to be good for you it must have a high content of cocoa, because the health benefits come from the fruits of the cocoa plant. For chocolate’s good health benefits it is important to go for high cocoa content and low cocoa butter content.