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Have you tried a coffee from Papua New Guinea? Here is a country that you do not often see on the coffee map, but which nevertheless has a long and proud coffee history.

The coffee grown in Papua New Guinea is usually Arabica. The fertile soil in which the coffee plants grow creates a coffee that has a varied and complex taste, where you can at the same time trace chocolate, citrus and tropical fruits. You are therefore guaranteed a pleasant surprise when you first experience its rich and complex taste. In other words - here you get an exciting and exotic coffee, which you should treat yourself to if you are looking for a new coffee experience.

Our Papua New Guinea coffee is of course also made from 100% Arabica beans, and like all coffee from Papua New Guinea has a very complex body. Because here is a coffee that comes with taste notes of milk chocolate, nuts, tropical fruits and citrus - all at once. On top of that, you get a cup with very little bitterness, a mild acidity, and a body which is full of fruity aroma. It all ends with a nice aftertaste of milk chocolate, where you can also sense a hint of orange peel.

We have packed this exciting coffee into a pod made from a biodegradable natural material. You can therefore safely throw the pods out with the household waste (or on the compost), because they decompose themselves after about 12 weeks.

We deliver it in 10 environmentally friendly pods, which fit perfectly with your Nespresso® machine.

This product has no affilitation with nor is it produced by or recognised by Nespresso®.



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Nuts, Aromatic Arabica, Mild Acidity, Exotic Fruit, Milk chocolate


Rainforest alliance, Biodegradable, Arabica

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Strong (7/10)

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bonjour, nickel sur ma machine l'or parfait
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LE TOP ! j'aime trop ce café j'aimerai le trouvé sous forme paquet moulu pour ma cafetiere italienne !

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