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Water filter compatible with Brita Maxtra
Brita Intenza Water Filter and Package
Saeco Coffee Care Kit package and content
Siemens TZ80004B cleaningset for  EQ.300 espresso machine
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Philip calc and water filter package and content
Philips Coffee Oil Remover package and content

Choose BRITA filter jugs

Here are some compelling reasons to drink only water from a BRITA jug and to use only BRITA filter water in your appliances:

  • BRITA filter jugs soften your tap water and improve the taste by reducing limescale and other substances that often affect the taste of tap water. This includes metals like lead and copper. BRITA also enhances the smell of tap water.
  • By using BRITA filter jugs you can stop buying water in plastic bottles and reduce your impact on the environment.
  • In the long run, by using BRITA filter jugs, you also save money you would otherwise spend on bottled water.
  • The health benefits go beyond just enabling you to drink more. Removing chlorine reduces the risk of rectal cancer, colon cancer and bladder cancer.
  • Filtered water helps to reduce gastrointestinal diseases.

The difference

There is a big difference between tea and coffee made with tap water and BRITA filter water:

  • Next time you make a cup of coffee in your coffee capsule machine and the foam still looks fresh 15 minutes later, don’t simply attribute it to our good coffee. This may indicate that the water you are using contains a large amount of limescale. The softer the water, the softer the foam - and the faster it will disappear. Drink your coffee fresh.
  • For many, the difference with BRITA filter water is evident in the taste. It is more full-bodied and soft. Many people don’t experience much aftertaste when they drink coffee made from BRITA filter water.
  • Using unfiltered tap water for making cocktail ice cubes, the aftertaste is very obvious as soon as the ice starts to melt. BRITA filter water will make a clear difference.