Aromatic and sweet Espresso

L'OR has created an aromatic and sweet Espresso based on dark-roasted Arabica beans.

The beans have been roasted for an extra long time for full caramelisation, resulting in a coffee with a slightly sweet flavour, chocolate notes, and a good balance between acidity and bitterness. This is a full-bodied coffee with a flavour that is at the high end of the intensity scale, but not too much.

L'OR has created a premium, high-quality coffee but at reasonable prices, so you can serve it to guests but also enjoy it every day. Try this great all-round coffee that you can drink just black or with milk and sugar.

We deliver it in packs of 50 capsules to satisfy your coffee cravings for a while. The capsules are made of high-quality aluminium, so the taste and aroma are optimally preserved, and they fit perfectly in your Nespresso® Pro machine.

L'OR is a coffee brand with French roots which was launched by Jacobs Douwe Egberts in 1992, with the aim of creating a new gold standard in the premium coffee sector. All L'OR coffees are UTZ certified, so you can be sure that the beans have been grown with consideration for the environment and the farmers' social conditions.


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50 Capsules for Nespresso Pro®


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